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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Uncharming reminders or living in an old house

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Guest post written by Gayle Richards

When people talk about living in old houses, they only focus on the great architecture and things like that. They don't always focus on how it can be bad when people don't keep up proper maintenance on homes and it ends up looking kind of run down. My home is more on that end of the spectrum, but I'm slowly doing little projects around it to make it look much better. It has a certain charm to it, but the run-down looks of it can take away from that.

Now, I can't afford big renovations so I'm focusing on small improvements that won't take much money. One problem is my windows. They aren't that nice looking and I want to hide them with some nicer looking curtains. When I was looking for some ideas about that, I saw information on how to get debt counseling and decided to look into it because I think I really need that. Well, I guess my finances need it more than I do!

I did find some good window treatment ideas that I'm going to take advantage of to use in my own home. Some look vintage too, which is the look that I'm going for to play off all the old elements of my home.

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