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It's unimaginable how other people can easily do bad things to other people without hesitation nor feeling guilty about it! It's already bad enough to do things like that to others how much more to those helpless ones! I don't know where's this world is coming to, it's getting worst and worst everyday. Just last night, I saw on our local news about this young boy in a wheelchair fighting Spina Bifida who was trying to raise money for charity. 

Then this uncompassionate lowlife scumbag came to his stand, talked to him for a few minutes, took the money jar that has $200+ in it and ran as fast as he could! The poor young boy blamed his self for it. God knows what that boy felt watching that scumbag ran away with his money and there was nothing he can do about it but to watch. It's really heartbreaking! They didn't caught the robber yet but I hope they'll get IT soon! This young boy deserves justice! 

Anyhow, there is a good outcome in this incident though. There was so many people felt sorry for this boy that they raised money for him. I just saw on Facebook a few minutes ago that so far they raised $18,000 for this brave young man! So really nice for these strangers to do it. At least there are still good-hearted people left in this world! It's really nice to know!

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