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Millionaires Overnight!

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I can't imagine how those lucky ones who hit the over $600 million Megamillion Jackpot last night must be feeling right now. They must be really overwhelmed! I'll probably go nuts if I were one of those people and would not know what to do. I did buy me a ticket the other day but to be honest I wasn't hoping or praying that I would hit the jackpot. I told my husband last night that I don't want to win the jackpot, I'll be happy if I'll hit 5 of the numbers which is about $250k payout or even $10k but unfortunately I didn't get it either. Better luck to me next time...lol.

Anyway, hubby asked why I didn't want to win the jackpot and I said it's too much money, I would not know what to do with it and I don't want to bring chaos to my peaceful life. I mean I know you can do a lot of things with that kind of money, you can help tons of people but I rather just help some people that I know for sure needs help than to have that kind of money and everybody that looks at you sees the dollar signs! All of those long lost relatives or friends will just miraculously appears in your front door or suddenly wants to talk to you on the phone...Well, you all know what I mean! 

Anyhow, for those who won the jackpot from Maryland, Illinois and Kansas, I wish them luck in their new lives. I hope money won't get in their heads and they will use it wisely, hopefully help a lot of people with it. I hope becoming an instant millionaires will bring their lives for the better and not for the worst coz I have seen on TV what that kind of money can do to people! 

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