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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

What I Feared Most Has Happened!

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For the past months, my hubby and my 5 year old son has been really sick. My son keeps catching something at school, bringing it home and him and hubby keeps getting sick and passing it back and forth. On the other hand, me and my youngest son hadn't got it but I feared that we will catch it eventually. I wouldn't mind catching anything because I know I can handle it but I feared for my youngest son because he won't be able to take any medicines at his young age. Well, what I feared most happened finally, unfortunately! 

A week ago, my youngest son started coughing and having runny and stuffy nose. He had his monthly check-up the other day and yes his doctor confirmed that he got an RSV, don't remember the meaning for it but it is some kind of a respiratory virus. She didn't give him any medicine but gave him a nebulizer. It's really killing me inside seeing my son suffering like this. He couldn't breathe sometimes and sometimes gets choke from the snot that's running down his throat. This is really a torture for me and to him...if only I could take it away from him! (SIGH)

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