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Stupid Me!

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I know this sound so crazy but every time I make a purchase that I don't really need, I always regret it after I do it. Sometimes I really hate getting on the internet for there are so many temptations out there. Yesterday, I got this email from a jewelry site about mother's day specials and there was this set of pink topaz necklace and earring that was on sale but I tried so hard not to get tempted 'coz I am saving my money for something else and I am just so glad that I managed to avoid spending and wasting my money for something that I don't need...

But stupid me, what did I do afterwards? Well, I saw this photo that Victoria Secret posted on FB about this free tote that they're having that's ending really soon. So I checked it out which was a big freaking mistake on my side! I was at their homepage and I saw this free shipping when you order $50 or more and then this other thing about $5.00 Pink flip flops if you purchase any Pink items and then on top of that, VS upgraded my credit card to Angel VIP and sent me $10 Angel Reward card the other day. Seeing all of that my mind was just screaming what a good deal I'll get if I can combine all of it! So, I looked at the Pink stuff, saw this bras that are 2/$40, I checked them out and saw some nice animal print ones that I really liked, that did it for me! There was no turning back! I got 2 bras, flip flop and lip gloss to make my total order $50 so I got the free shipping. After all the coupons deducted, my total order including tax was less than $50!

After I did it, I realized what a big mistake I did! I mean I love VS but I did not really need it. Yes I got a good deal but still....ughhhh, sometimes I really don't know what I'm doing! I feel really stupid for doing it! It's just really hard for me to stop my self sometimes from doing things like that...I'm gonna have to make an extra effort to stop myself so I won't do this again!

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