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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Our 7th Year Anniversary

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 Today is me and hubby's 7th year anniversary. We were planning on going out to celebrate it to either at Chili's or Red Lobster but I don't think that's gonna happen because all of a sudden last night I just made up my mind that I wasn't going anywhere today. I thought for sure that I would change my mind today but I still have that feeling not wanting to go out. I just don't feel like it, I don't know why that is...

But despite of all of that, the show must go on right? We can still celebrate our anniversary here in our house. I got him a little presents which I'm hoping he'll like. I got it ready this morning, put them in the gift bag and put it at our bedroom door so when he wakes up and open the door, it will be the first thing he'll see. Picture above are the presents that I got him. As far as his present for me, he asked me the other day what I want for our anniversary and I have been wanting a car of my own, I know that sounds expensive but I did not want him to pay for the whole thing!

I asked him if he could just give me the money for the down payment and I'll take care of the rest every month. Well, he told me that now is not the perfect time to get a car with all the bad things happening right now. I perfectly understood him, because we've been talking about it and trying to prepare ourselves both physically and mentally for what might happen this year that could end the world as we know it which I am not gonna go through in every details. Just look around and you'll be able to see that our world is changing. Sounds really scary but true, I'm hoping and praying that nothing will happen though.

But anyway we talked about it intently and decided that next year would be the perfect time to get a car for me. So my second choice was the newest ipad but it just too expensive. We were gonna stop by Best Buy to look around and test some tablets and find the perfect one for me. But I don't even feel like doing that either. I just don't know what's going on. It's like depression just hit me last night all of a sudden! I hope this feeling will go away soon 'coz I do not like feeling like this at all!

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