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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Semi Trucks For Sale...

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I am currently in search of a used vehicle if my husband will give me the money for a down payment. The other day when we were out, we saw this used semi trucks for sale sign on the side of the road. He joked about it that maybe that's what I need to get. I told him that any kind of vehicle would work for me as long as it will take me to where I'm going! LOL! He was speechless for a moment. I guess he did not see that I was really that desperate!

Yes I am so desperate right now to have my own vehicle! I finally got my driver's license 6 months ago after waiting for 3 years for it and I want to use it to have the freedom to drive by myself when I want to! I am really tired of depending on somebody to drive me around or wait on them when they feel like going out! We only have one vehicle and I do not like to have to ask my husband's permission if I want to go somewhere. I feel like I am a teenager asking the parents permission to drive the car. Anyway, if hubby would allow it perhaps I will have my own car soon, hopefully!

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