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American Idol Top Three!

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Do you watch American Idol? If so I guess you all know that tonight is the elimination round and the top three will be determined! I am watching it right now and they haven't announced the result yet. 

Anyway, I am hoping for Jessica Sanchez to be in the top three. Not only because she's part Filipino but also because she is truly an amazing, very talented young singer. If you are an American Idol viewers you all know what I am talking about! She has that very powerful voice inside her that not every singer have especially at her young age only 16! I would be really disappointed if she goes home tonight. In my opinion, she's one of the best singers in American Idol history ever!!! She should win this hands down!

Jessica Sanchez is in the top 3! I am just beyond happy right now. She definitely deserved it. The top 3 are Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Philip Philips. Yes Hollie Cavanagh went home! Congrats to all of them for making it to top 3!

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