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Another Scary Moment...

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Another scary moment for us all last night. Hubby was feeling really weird starting yesterday after we'd unloaded all the steels that was in my mother-in-law's truck. Those steels weighed about almost a thousand lbs, so we were both very exhausted after we got done. When we came home afterwards he was really feeling weird and took some kind of medicine for his headache and two glucose tablets because he thought his sugar level was low. He took a short nap and then suppertime came. After we had dinner he was feeling worst. He was actually asking me to look up on the internet the symptoms of heart attack.

He had some of the symptoms. He told me to call his mom to see if she'll be willing to take her to the hospital. While I was on the phone with her, he picked up the phone and said not to worry that he'll just call 911. OMGsh I was almost in panic that it's that serious that he has to call 911. So he did and he was feeling really worst. He waited outside for the ambulance. For some reason it took some times for the ambulance to come that just added to my worrying. After about 25 minutes of waiting the ambulance finally came and they were asking him some questions. So they took him inside the ambulance and was heading to the ER while me, mother-in-law and the kids were following them. There were so many scary thoughts came in my mind. I was just so worried about my husband and was praying to GOD that he'll be okay and it's not anything serious!

So finally we arrived at the hospital, we waited in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before somebody came to let us in with him. Only one person is allowed so I went in, left the kids with my mother in law. Thankfully, he was feeling so much better but his blood pressure was still a bit high. They did some blood test on him, Cat scan, etc., everything was normal except for his blood pressure and his pulse was a little fast. The doctor said it might have been some kind of panic attacked and of course the exhaustion and stress also contributed to it. But thank GOD it wasn't anything serious. They actually let him go after all the results of his tests came in and they were fine! Thank you LORD!

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