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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Survivor: One World Season Finale

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Are you a big fan of Survivor? If so, don't forget to tune in on Sunday because it is the season's 2 hour special finale. I don't really have a favorite contestant this year but I couldn't stand Alicia, in my opinion she's too full of herself! I did not like the way these girls treated Christina. They kept saying that she's not deserving to be there, seriously??? In my opinion, she is just as deserving as anyone on there! She made it this far in spite of everybody breaking her spirit and making fun of her especially Alicia, so therefore she is deserving to where she is now! 

Anyway, all that's left are women. So to all five of them, CONGRATULATIONS! Although I don't particularly like some of them but since they made it this far they do deserved it!

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