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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

He Will Be Graduating From Kindergarten!

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I am getting more and more excited everyday thinking that my little 6 year old son will be graduating from the kindergarten this coming Friday. They sent this sample picture of them wearing a cap and gown and he looked so adorable with it on! And of course I ordered the package, I would not miss that for the world. It will be one of his remembrance from his kindergarten year that only comes once in his lifetime, so I try to buy all the picture packages that they did in their class. That may sound crazy and expensive to other people, but it's not crazy to me and yes it is expensive but it's all worth it for my son! I'm only doing it in his kindergarten year since this is his first year of school. When he's in grade school, I will only get the necessary pictures that we have to have. But for the meantime I am enjoying collecting school photos of my son which by the way reminds me to buy some frames the next time we are out so I can hang them on the wall!

Anyway, I guess it is a little too late to send out graduation invitations
 to our closest friends since it's gonna be this coming Friday but a phone call might not be! I'm sure his godparents will be honored to attend his graduation! I am not sure though if they are really wearing the caps and gowns that day. I don't know if they only wore it for the pictorial or what. When my son brought some bulletin paper last Friday, they said something about their graduation to not to let them wear any dress clothes or  dress shoes, just regular school clothes. That got me thinking if they are gonna wear the caps and gown or not? I will be really disappointed if they're not going to because my son looked so cute on it in the picture. I'm sure all of them would look so cute and adorable wearing red graduation caps and gowns, I really hope they will! Anyhow, I am counting the days now I can't wait for the said event!

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