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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

It Was A Wonderful Feeling!

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This probably sounds very shallow to other people but I don't really care. I was just beyond happy earlier when hubby finally let me drive by myself to go to the store and post office! It was such a wonderful feeling being able to go out somewhere without chaperone! It's not that he won't let me go out at all, it's because I did not have proper training when I was still learning how to drive. I failed my first road test, the second time I passed which I was very surprised about because I did not even practice at all after my first road test, the only time I practice was when we were going back to the DMV to try out for another road test! I thought for sure I'd fail again since I made a couple of mistakes but did much better than my first test but to my surprise she passed me which I am very thankful about!

Anyhow, earlier was the first time I ever drove by myself to go to town for a quick errands! It really helped to boost my confidence knowing that I can do it just like anybody else! I was really worried that I might mess up and wreck (GOD FORBID) but I didn't and I am so proud of myself for making it! My next goal is to go drive by myself to a more traffic roads like on the way to the mall. That's where I am really scared, the traffic there is just crazy and scary! Woahhh! It scares me to think driving there. I still have to have somebody assisting me in that kind of traffic! I'm looking forward to it!

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