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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

I Am Bored!

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It's just me and the boys in the house today. Hubby has a doctor's appointment and still not back. I decided not to go because I didn't think it was necessary for all of us to go and besides it's a lot of work to get myself ready and two boys. 

Anyway, I am just so bored right now! If I had my own car I would be out somewhere right now. And I still waiting for VS "birthday gift" that they forgot to send me on my birthday. I'm still very frustrated about that. Sent them another email earlier, we'll just see what they'll this time! I've been meaning to go to their store at the mall but I can't go until I get those coupons because you all know how expensive Victoria's Secret is. 

Coupons and free stuff will give me a little break from their high prices, that's why I am so patient on waiting for the coupons. If they don't come this week, I'll just go to the mall without it and not even bother to go to their store, period!

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