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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Video Chat Lighting

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The only means of communication that I have with my family are through long distance telephone calls and online chats. But we do the chatting mostly since a long distance phone call to the Philippines cost a lot of money whereas chatting online is free. 

The only problem about chatting with them online are the webcams. It is really hard to enjoy seeing each other on the webcam if the pictures are so poor that you can't hardly see anything. I did not know that you can buy video chat lighting to be used to enhance the quality of the webcam...

To anybody who didn't know either, you can always check the link provided above for more information about and how to get one. This is definitely something for me to think about. I really miss my family in the Philippines and having nice, well-lit webcams where we can see each other's faces can make a big difference and definitely help with my homesickness!

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