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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Another Scary Day!

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Another scary day for me yesterday! My son's teacher called to tell us that all of a sudden, David (my oldest son) was running a fever of 102.5! She said that he didn't complain about not feeling well or hurting somewhere and that he just felt sleepy. She asked us if we want to come and get him or just wait for the school bus to bring home which would have been an hour before school dismisses.

I just didn't think it was right for us to wait until the school bus brings him. I mean what if that was something serious and we waited that long? So my husband decided that he'll go and get him. Me on the other hand was just freaking out! I don't know what would have triggered that high fever because he was just fine when I got him ready that morning. 

Anyway, after my husband got him he called me and said that he was going to take him to the urgent care because his fever wasn't easing off but instead getting higher. Oh gosh, talking about worrying to death! All I could do was wait and pray that it wasn't anything serious! I was waiting and waiting for my husband to call me back because it has been an hour since I talked to him, I just couldn't get still thinking that my son was really sick, so I called him and asked how's our son was doing and he said that the doctor think it might be a Strep Throat and that they gave him some medicine to take! 

Well, I don't know really know anything much about Strep Throat. But my husband told me that there are some cases of people dying from it, so I guess it can be very serious. But thankfully my son is feeling so much better today. Yesterday was his spend-the-night at nana's house but since he was still sick when he got home, we had to just tell him that it is better for him to spend the night today. So he's over there right now! Thank GOD he's better!

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