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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Happy That I Did Something Productive!

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I surprised myself earlier for going outside and weeded half of the yard. I thought for sure I would never do that again the way I've been so lazy lately. All I do when I wake up is do a little cleaning, usually wash dishes and sweep kitchen floor since I started doing so many things on the internet. That's been occupying me a lot lately and the result is undone household chores. I am really a shame of myself for not taking care of the house and outside, so earlier I finally had the guts to go out there right after I put my youngest son to sleep. 

I am just so proud of myself for doing something productive today although I am not finish. The yard looks a whole lot better! I am gonna try to finish it tomorrow if my laziness won't strike first because it is really starting to look like a jungle out there and I am not exaggerating! There's nobody else that would do it for me unless if I hire somebody but I don't have the money to pay someone right now. So I don't really have any choice but to do it myself, my husband can't do it either due to some medical issues! 

But anyhow, now that it is halfway decent, I wouldn't feel too embarrass if somebody happens to stop by or visit us. At least they would think that we cared enough to weeded it halfway! LOL!

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