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Ben 10 Cartoon TV Show

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Probably not every have heard of the TV cartoon show Ben 10. But I have! I watched it a few times with my 6-year old son. He's not really crazy about it but he happened to watch it several times and sparked his curiosity. It was actually not a bad show! 

This show is about this 10-year old boy who took possession of this watch-like device that is called the Omnitrix. If this device is attached on his wrist, it will allow him to turn into an alien creatures in different species. He uses this device to fight crimes and evil aliens.

It is truly a very interesting action cartoon TV show. When my son first watched it, he was all geared up and actually started watching for about a week and then another cartoon show got his interest. There was one point that McDonald's Happy Meal toy was giving out Ben10 toys and of course my son wanted all of them. He wanted to go to eat Happy meal all the time so that he can get as much Ben 10 toys as possible! Well, he actually got about 3 or 4 toys. And then after the new wear out, he was not interested of the toys anymore!

Anyhow, if he'll know that he can play Ben 10 games online, rest assured he'll be hounding me about it. I better not dare telling him that there is game online that he can play or he would not leave me alone until I let him play or he'll be playing it on my mother-in-law's computer! I mean it's not that the game is bad, but he already plays too much video games and we just do not let him play too much computers for the fact that it is not good to play video games all the time!

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