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Dora Games Online

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I am pretty sure there are lots of kids who loves to watch Dora on TV. Some of them, it might be their favorite cartoon character. The first time I've watched Dora was when I was still in High School in the Philippines. I remembered it got so popular with kids there. Most kids got hooked and even adults. It is truly entertaining especially when they start singing and dancing. I thought, Dora only existed in the Philippines, I did not know that they also have that show here in America which I found out later on when I came here in 2005.

My stepdaughter was just 7 years old when I came here in America. She too was hooked on Dora, she watches it almost every single day! She also plays games online Dora. But now that she's 16 years old, she don't watch it anymore! She's got other things that keeps her busy now! Anyway, my 6-year old son still watch Dora shows on TV sometimes. There was one point that he was hooked on it and watch it almost everyday but now that he is too focus on the big boy stuff, he only watch it every once in a while. But he is still like to play the online games. Sometimes when he sees the Dora game commercial on TV, he'll ask me to go on to that site so he can play but I wouldn't do it. He already spends too much time playing video games on his DS as well as his nana's computer when he goes over there and that's plenty enough

I mean Dora games are mostly educational and I would recommend it to any of my friends who has kids. But it is just too much for me that my son already plays enough computer. On the other hand, my youngest son just is gonna be 11-month this month and already very curious! I may just introduce him to Dora games online so he can start to learn new things!

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