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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Finally Had The Chance To Go To The Bank

posted by Forsythea Nelms on

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I have been meaning to go to the bank for a couple of weeks now maybe three. Although the my bank is not really far from where we live, probably about 30 minutes drive at a most, I just didn't have the time towards that direction and I have been so lazy to go out lately! I needed to deposit those cash that I received from selling online. Most of the buyer on our group "yardsale" that's on facebook don't have really have paypal account, so they just sent their payment through the mail.

Anyway, the cash that I have been receiving had been piling up, I mean it wasn't really that much but I really needed to put in my bank account because I don't have much in my account. So I'm really glad that I got to go to the bank today. Now don't have to worry about those cash and my account has a little bit in it now. Until next time again!

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