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Fun With Kids!

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I had such a wonderful time with my kids yesterday! I am so glad that I decided  to take them with me instead of leaving them at the house with my husband. They had so much fun too like I did. They got to see a lot of people, played with other kids, ate some different food, got to see different kinds of crafts and most of all, we got to spend time together and had so much fun! Although my youngest son is only over 10-months old but I knew that he had fun as well. He woke up at 6 in the morning and didn't take any naps while were there until 1pm. I mean how could he take a nap, there were just too many things to see, so even though he could not utter that he had fun, I knew he did!

Anyway, the said event that we went to yesterday was Heritage Festival here in our area. So much different good foods, All-American foods as well as authentic Mexican foods! And not to mention the different beautiful crafts that can be seen and were sold there, different style, shape and forms, from handmade jewelry and scarves to handmade gourd birdhouses and yard signs! Plus all the local fruits and honey! It was just wonderful! The perfect place for somebody who is into all that good stuff!

Anyhow, I took so much pictures yesterday and thanks to a friend for taking some of those pictures. Here they are below...
Love this picture of me and my boys! Credits to my friend for taking this beautiful photo of us!

My oldest son and friend Melisa..

Beautiful handmade gourd birdhouses...

Me and my youngest son posing in front of the beautiful crafts...

My son David enjoying those leaves...

Lastly but not the least, my youngest son so curious what those dry leaves taste like so he had to see it for his self! LOL!

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