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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Our First Snow

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Right now it is snowing outside. It was supposed to snow last night at midnight but it didn't happen until this time. Hopefully what the news said yesterday about having a possible blizzard won't really happen or we will in big, big trouble if the power will go out. We won't have water or heater for sure and who knows how long the outage will be. I know the last time it happened in winter 2009, the power was for 4 days and although there was no blizzard but the snow was almost up to my knees and yes we were freezing out butt off! 

Thank goodness we had kerosene heater that kept us warm a little bit and we were near a creek. I was hauling buckets of water from to flash our toilets and of course thank goodness our gas grill outside had gas that time which I was using to cook or warm our food! I mean I really don't want to go through all that again because it was really awful and I sure don't want my youngest son to get cold and feel uncomfortable. So anyway, hopefully this won't be bad snow!

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