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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Patiently Waiting For My Package

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I wish UPS would come pretty soon! I have been so anxious to get my package from Forever21 that I ordered two weeks ago! Yeah it took that long to ship my package which usually don't but since all the stuff that I got were on sales, my order was pending for about a week. What happened was, this is just an my assumption, they probably didn't know their exact inventory which ones are in stock and out of stock. They were having this promotion of additional 50% off of the sales items, I'm pretty sure there was a lot of people who placed some orders. 

Anyway, so when they finally shipped my item, I noticed that they only charged my paypal account half of the original price when I placed my order. So I figured half of my stuff that I ordered were out of stock. That's why I am very anxious right now for the UPS man to come so I would finally see which ones are in-stock and which ones are not! I ordered so much cute dresses and tops and a couple of very nice shoes, I just hope that I got all the ones that I really liked! Crossing my fingers!

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