...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

The Only Thing I Do Not Like About Fall...

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and that is lady bugs are swarming outside! I mean there are hundred of them. I do not mind it if they will just stay out but the worst part is, they come inside too! I do not like it at all. I mean not just me but also my husband and my oldest son. I just couldn't stand them. If they get on you, they'll squirt this nasty-smelling liquid, I don't have any sense of smell but my husband said it smells really bad. 

They will only come out when the weather gets warmer. So I really hope that it will just stay in the 40's so they won't be outside. I heard that they go to sleep whenever the weather is really cold outside. I can deal with the cold weather better than dealing with these lady bugs! Some people find them cute but sorry not me and I hope they'll go away soon!

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