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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Biggest Package From Forever21

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I just received the long awaited order from Forever21 just a few minutes ago! It is the biggest package yet that I received from Forever21. There are at least about 50 items in that package including 8 pairs of shoes, 3 winter coats and who knows how many tops. I don't even remember what's in there. Well the best way to know is to open and check everything out.

I am very excited and at the same nervous because I am reselling these online and I paid over $150 for all of these items on sale! Still very expensive but I took advantage because they don't always have the extra 50% off of the already sale items! So that's why I have so many. If I had to pay them in regular prices, it would at least cost me at least $400 dollars! So hopefully I'll get my money and a little profit!

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