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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Back To His Old Habit

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So we had to send my son's nintendo 3ds to the factory because it's game slot wouldn't accept any game chip or cartridge anymore. It was still under warranty and we thought that we would not pay a single penny for it except for the shipping. The factory examined it and sent my husband an email saying that the damage is not covered by the warranty because it was not a factory defect and in fact, it was like somebody damaged it in purpose. We asked our son what had happened to his ds and he admitted that he stuck his stylus pen in the game slot! So my husband had no choice but to pay them $70 bucks to have it fixed or the other option was to buy him a new ds which we think the whole reason why he purposely damage his ds so he can get the newest model which by the way would never happen unless somebody buys it for him.

Anyway, while my son was missing his ds for he has not played it over  for 2 weeks, he was entertaining his self by playing spongebob games online on my computer as well as on my mother-in-law's computer. So he was back to his old habit! Begging me to play and install games on my desktop computer which I am not so thrilled about but I had to let him do it because I really did feel sorry for him. He was so happy to finally got his DS back last week, it was actually a day early and I was very glad too. Thinking that he won't be bugging me anymore about letting him play on my computer or asking me to install him a new game! So hopefully, he'd learn a lesson not to pull another trick like that because me and my husband would never fall for it!

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