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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Got To Take A Break!

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Wheeww! What a long day for me! First, me and my mother-in-law went to the dump to throw the garbage that's been piling up outside for weeks and weeks! Glad that's out of the way! And then hubby asked me to help him clean up something and I have been shoveling since me and my mother-in-law got back from the dump. I intentionally wanted to take a nap but didn't have time since my husband was so adamant to work a little on his project today before it starts raining or freezing again!

I mean I was glad that I can help but there's only a little bit that I can do. Right now, I am just taking a little break and trying to relax as much as I can while the baby is napping. I am really hoping he'll sleep a while because it's like I do not have that much strength left in me to deal with anything right now! In fact, I am about to go to sleep right now as I am typing this post. Well, ciao for now! Got to take me a little nap before baby wakes up!

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