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Not Into Ninjas

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My oldest son, as much as he likes to watch cartoons of different kinds, even the ones that I think are pretty stupid, he has never shown any interest of ninjas. Some of these cartoons shows I don't even know why they are on TV and I asked my son many times why he likes to watch that show? And he'll just give me an "I don't know" answer. Sometimes, I really him find him very strange but those cartoon shows are not really that bad. I mean bad in terms of kids learning bad things like bad manners or things like that. What I am referring as "stupid" is because sometimes the story doesn't make sense at all.

But anyway, I am glad though that he is not into ninjas because there are so many free ninja games online and that will be less free games for me to worry about if he ever sees it when I am doing something on the internet. Sometimes, he is watching me when I do my chores online and some games shows up on the side of my browser or on the bottom of my yahoo messenger which is beyond my control. Every time it happens, he always ask me if I could download the game and let him play it and I have told him no so many times but he can't get it though his head. But there was one time that a ninja game showed and he did not utter a single word at all. He is just not into ninjas which is perfectly fine with me!

Anyway, since he got his 3ds back, he has not asking me much to let him play on the computer or download more games on the internet. He was very glad for sure to get his 3ds fixed and back in his possession. That 2 weeks break from it sure made him miss it and I think appreciate it!

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