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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Stuffed And Relaxing!

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I just got done eating lunch with my youngest son and I am so stuffed and relaxing right now. That's all I am planning to do today is to relax since I worked my butt off yesterday washing tons of laundry and did some other chores.

Anyhow, what I had for lunch is pictured below. It is my very first time to eat this kind of fish since I came here in America. I bought it frozen the other day from the Asian store. Although it wasn't as good as the fresh one, it was still satisfying and definitely enjoyed eating it. It's called Roundscad fish here, in the Philippines, it is called different names, in tagalog, they call it "galonggong" and in Cebu we call it "budburon". I am so used of eating this fish when I was still in the Philippines. My mom used to buy this fish almost everyday because it is fairly cheap! A Filipino meal is not complete without the white steamed rice of course!

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