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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Another Satisfying Dinner

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I decided to cook Mung Bean soup with pieces of fried Tilapia and slices of okra for our dinner tonight, paired with white rice of course. It was just the perfect food for us since it is really cold outside. Whenever it gets cold like this, my stomach just automatically asks for some kind of soup dish and I remembered that I bought mung beans at the Asian store. 

I also made some more of the Chocolate Cream Pie. I was trying to avoid fixing it again this soon since we just had it last week. I'm trying to lose weight and eating this kind of dessert is not helping me to lose any! But my son specifically asked for it. He really like it. He's not much into eating desserts but this was one is special I guess. I did not want to disappoint him, so I made it and I was craving for it anyway! LOL!

So we had us another satisfying dinner tonight. It was just simple but my family seemed to love it and that's good enough for me! :)

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