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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Four Sundays I've Missed!

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I just feel so awful thinking about missing the mass for four Sundays! That's a lot! Well maybe just three since one of the masses was cancelled due to the heavy snow. It doesn't really matter how many Sundays I've missed, even if it's just one I would still feel awful about it. I feel so guilty every time I miss but there are just some things that's beyond my control, like when my kids get sick.

Hopefully, this coming Sunday, nothing will come up that could prevent me from going. My oldest son is sick right now and had to miss school today and probably tomorrow. My youngest son has an appointment tomorrow and my husband called earlier to squeeze-in my oldest son for an appointment. He has to see the doctor so we would know what's wrong with him. He sounds congested and running a fever of a 100+ degrees. Hopefully by Sunday, he will be better, so that he can come along with me to church.

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