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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

He Is Starting To Like Sonic The Hedgehog

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My oldest son started playing Mario games since he was just a little over 3 years old. I made a mistake of showing him playing an old Super Mario video game that I downloaded from the net for free. After I let him played one time, he wanted to play it multiple times a day! Sometimes, he will even sneak and turn my laptop on without asking my permission and of course he gets in trouble for it. 

Anyway, I am just glad that we bough him Nintendo 3ds for Christmas two years ago. He doesn't hound me that much anymore to let him play on my computer. He's got so many different game chips or cartridges for it and of course any new games for 3ds that he sees on TV he wants it. Just like when he first saw the Mario and Sonic Olympic games. Oh he about to drive us crazy from that. We bought it for him for his birthday last year. He play with mario and sonic so much that he is starting to like sonic the hedgehog. And now he is trying to find more sonic games. Well since he's got wifi on his ds, I can always let him play at www.sonicg.com where he can choose from different sonic games there!

He is old enough to do it on his own. He is so good at it. He really surprises me sometimes of how good he is at that kind of stuff. All you got to do is show him just one time and he's an expert! I just hope that when he gets old enough, he'll put that skill to good use! Anyway, if you have kids who loves to play sonic and mario games, you can always visit the sites and try their games out!

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