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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

My Kind Of Food During Cold Days

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Picture above is what I have been eating for the past 2 days and I am loving it! It is a fish soup with tamarind mix to make it sour. We call this dish "Sinigang" in the Philippines. You can make it from any meat and vegetables you wish to eat as long as the soup is sour. This is actually my first time ever to make a "fish sinigang". I used "Milkfish" or what we call in the Philippines "Bangus".

I am fortunate enough that there is an asian store about an hour drive from where we live where this kind of fish is sold. I really love "Milkfish", the only I issue that I have with it is that, this fish is really bony! For people that's not used to eating this fish, it is a pain in the hind in! Good thing that I am so used to maneuvering those bones! LOL! 

Anyway, my family loves fish too but I don't feel comfortable giving it to them because of the bones. My husband tasted it yesterday and he loved it! He just didn't have patients to take all the bones out. But he suggested that maybe next time I can use a different kind of fish where it would be a lot easier to eat it. I think I might just do it!

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