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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Putting A Baby To Sleep Can Be Frustrating!

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Here I am laying with my one year old son in his playpen trying to put him to sleep! I tell you, this can be very frustrating at times. I've been laying here with him for over an hour and he still wide awake! I am really starting to get frustrated because I got other business that I need to finish before I go to sleep!

This is almost like an every night occurence but there are nights that he's very cooperative that he'll just fall right to sleep! I guess it just depends on how tired he is during the day. He actually took a nap longer than usual today. So that might be one reason why I'm having hard time putting him to sleep.

Anyway, I feel bad thatI screamed at him when he makes noise or move so much. I feel so stupid because I don't think he understands what I am yelling about! But I rather let my frustrations out by yelling rather that giving him a spanking or hurt him like some other parents would to their kids! It is just very stupid and crazy how some of these people hurt their kids seriously because they made them really mad! There's just no excuse for that!!!!

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