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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Fun In The Snow!

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My oldest son had so much fun playing in the snow the other day when we accumulated about 5 inches or more. And as expected, the schools in our county as well as some of the other counties were closed. My oldest son begged me to let him play outside and I thought why not? This doesn't happen often, so I let him. Me and my youngest son joined him too. My youngest son has never been outside when there was that much snow. I wanted him to experience what it's like to be outside when everything is covered with snow and I'm sure he wonders why everything is white outside.

When we finally went outside, my youngest son seemed like he was in shock, he wasn't moving a muscle and was just frozen to where I had put him down. I guess it was too cold for him. My oldest son on the other hand was having the fun of his life, making snow angel, making snowballs and throwing it to us and to his brother. I was glad that somebody was appreciating the freezing temperature! LOL!

Anyway, after about 5 minutes of being outside, I told my oldest son that me and his brother is going back inside because I was just freezing and I knew my youngest son was freezing as well, his cheeks and nose were so red. So we went in while my oldest son stayed outside for about 30 minutes more. I was really glad that he had so much fun!

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