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Moringa Oleifera

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So glad to see my Kamunggay or Moringa Oleifera doing so good! It is probably about 6 to 8 inches long now and has over 10 leaves. I just hope that when I put it outside when it gets warm, that it will continue to do well. Last year, I had two that sprouted from the seeds that I got from the Philippines. They did so well at first inside the house. But when I took them outside, I don't know what had happened but they suddenly stopped growing. I had them both in a pot and decided to transfer one plant in the dirt which grew about 2 more inches and that was about it. I got one harvest out of it and after that, it didn't produce any more leaves.

Kamunggay or Moringa is a popular leafy vegetables in the Philippines, or at least where I came from which is Cebu City. It is very good to put in a soup, one of the most popular dish that we make it out of is we call "Utan bisaya". It is usually made out of mostly this Kamunggay or moringa leaves, okra, eggplant and some other vegetables and for protein, it is usually cook with anchovies or bolinaw as what we call it in Cebu or some other dried fish or sometimes fried fish!

This plant also has so many health benefits which includes, help with malnutrition especially amongst young kids. The leaves can also be used on open wounds. I remember when we were kids, if we get cuts and scratches, we will just climb on the Moringa tree to get some leaves and rub it with our palms until the juice comes out and then put it on the wounds.

Anyway, I can't hardly wait to warm up so that I can put it outside and get plenty of sun. Hopefully it will do better than the last ones. I would really love to make the "utan bisaya" again and hopefully I'll get plenty of harvest out of it this time!

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