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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

AC Was Turned On For The First Time This Year!

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I am really appreciating the beautiful days that we've been having these past few days. However, it is actually starting to feel like summer already. It got so hot inside the house earlier today, the temperature almost went up to 90 degrees that I had to turn on the AC for the first time this year. I guess this is an indication of what we will have to look forward to when actual summer time comes. It is gonna be another scorching hot summer this year I am pretty sure! 

Good thing we have two air conditioners now, one in the kitchen and one in the living room. So it shouldn't be too agonizing this time unlike last year where we had to depend on a 15-year old AC and it barely blew cold air. It finally conked out on us and hubby was trying to fix it to avoid buying a new one but as old as it was, it couldn't be fixed anymore and we had to suffer almost a week of no air conditioning! Talking about feeling like in H E double stick! It was that badddd! 

Anyhow, my friend's husband has a friend who happened to have two used but in excellent condition air conditioners, he sold it to us both for very reasonable prices and they're sitting pretty in our kitchen and living room! So I am not really worried about summer this year being so hot as long as we can cool down indoors.

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