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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Getting So Excited Here!!

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Yup! Very excited right now! The Coach handbag that I ordered the order the other day is out for delivery right now. It's on the road on its way here and I can't hardly wait to see it in person! I am pretty sure I am going to love it! 

The very first thing the caught my attention was the color, it is perfect for Spring and the price was reasonable, it was on clearance for $65+ although by the time I checked out it almost reach up to $85 because of the shipping fee and tax. 

But still, for a Coach handbag that is a very good price in my opinion! I'm sure if I had bought it at Belk's or other stores, that hnadbag would have easily cost me over $200! So getting it for less than $100 was a great bargain!!!!

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