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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Where I Got My Nickname "Forsythea" From

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When I used to play Literati online, most of my opponents asked where did I get my nickname "Forsythea", they said, it sounds very pretty and unique and I always tells them that I got it from the shrub plant "Forsythia". When I first heard of the name I immediately loved it! I haven't even seen the actual plant that time. When I saw the plant and the flower it bears, I loved it even more and so I decided to used the name of that plant, but instead, I changed the "i" to "e" so it would look more of a name. I've heard of a name "Thea" before, one of the reason I switched the "i" to "e".

Anyhow, for those of you who have not heard of the "Forsythia" plant before, here is a picture below taken from my actual plant! It is blooming right now and I am enjoying it every time I go outside. The blooms are just so pretty that it really reminds me of summer fun!!!

Some of you might have seen this plant before but just didn't know its name. This is actually a very bushy plant and flowers and actually very tiny. I took these pictures really close. Most houses here in our area has this plant in their yard and they usually use it as hedges and yes they are just gorgeous! It takes years and years for this plant to get really big and bushy. I had mine planted over 3 years ago and it's not very big yet! But I am still enjoying it though, unfortunately, it only blooms in Spring time. After it blooms, it will remain green all season until Spring time comes again!

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