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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

I Am Bothered About It!

posted by Forsythea Nelms

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Earlier today I had to go to the health department to get my form of birth control which is the depo shot. On the way back, I saw this old man carrying a gas tank on the side of the road, he was trying to hitch a ride. I really wanted to stop to give him a ride but part of me was saying that it is not safe, so I continue on driving passing the old man. 

I am really bothered about it and wondering if I did the right thing or not. But my argument for my action is that, in this day and time, you just cannot trust anybody especially a complete stranger. I mean if you been watching the news lately, there has been a lot of cases where somebody is killing their entire family and then commit suicide afterwards. 

This world is really not safe anymore and it's getting worse by the minute. I guess you'll just have to take chances to whatever decision you'll make because we couldn't really tell who is good and who is bad. And in my case earlier, I guess I was playing it safe! I just hope that old man made is safe! :(

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