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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Yard Looks Great Finally!

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It's really hard to tell due to the low quality picture taken by my Ipod but our yard looks so great! It's finally been  mowed and trimmed by someone my mother-in-law and husband hired who does it for a living, so I guess they're professional when it comes to mowing yards. I can very well agree for it didn't take them long at all to finish ours and my mother-in-law's yard but only charged us $100 for both of our yard which I think is such a reasonable price considering how big our yards combined!

So from this day forward, I won't have to worry about our yard looking like a jungle because these guys will be maintaining it twice a month. Gosh this is one the best things that ever happened to me this year! LOL! I am really happy for this news when my husband told me about it. I have to come up with extra money to pay to split with my mother-in-law but that's the least of my worry. I knew all along hiring somebody to maintain our yard was such a good idea! I won't have to worry about broken mower anymore or not having gas! This is just terrific!!!!

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