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About When to Get Car Insurance

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You are required by law to have auto insurance. Without it, you are a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road. The second you purchase and register a vehicle, you are required to have car insurance in Lansing. At a minimum, you should have liability insurance. This means that the cars surrounding a traffic accident are protected. However, the driver and the other party involved in an accident do not receive coverage. It’s in your best interest to get full coverage in the case of an accident so everyone involved will be protected.
First Time

If this is your first time buying a car, think ahead and look around at auto insurance agencies. The more companies you look into, the more choices you’ll have, and you’ll have a better chance at arriving at a satisfying monthly rate. Ask your friends and family members who they rely on for insurance. This will be a good starting point, and you can go from there to call up insurance companies for quotes or have the website crunch the numbers for you. Compare numbers and meet with these agencies in person. Talk more in-depth about these figures and look for ways to cut down on costs. After coming up with a final amount, be sure you incorporate the premium into your budget. If you see that you cannot afford the insurance, it might be best to forego purchasing that car.
Past Due

In some cases, people neglect to have car insurance because their coverage was cancelled or lapsed. If this is your situation, you may be penalized for driving around a licensed automobile without car insurance in Lansing. You’ll make payments in the form of higher insurance premiums. Be sure that you find coverage right away! However, this may be hard to accomplish if auto insurance agencies see that your coverage has lapsed. In fact, they may not wish to insure you and you’ll have to resort to your state’s Assigned Risk Pool, which charges higher rates for certain drivers that are hard to insure. Remember as you fill out applications to be as honest as possible. Falsehoods may result in voided coverage and you’ll be responsible for reimbursing a claim.

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