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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Baby Black Bear Wandering In Our Yard!

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This was a shock to all of us. First time it ever happened since I've been here. A baby black bear was wandering at our yard yesterday. My mother-in-law spotted it on our surveillance camera as we were having a family time in our living room. Suddenly, this baby bear just popped out on the camera out from nowhere! I immediately went to my camera case to grab my camera and went outside to take picture of it, unfortunately the above picture is the only decent one that I got out of 3 that I snapped. The baby bear got so scared and ran across the road, and I tell you it was fast too!

My oldest son called me to come inside, he was crying and terrified! He thought that if I stayed out there the mama bear might be in the yard somewhere and eat me. When I came inside, my husband jumped my butt for running outside. He told me that if there's a baby bear, the mama bear would be nearby and they are dangerous and would attack if they think their baby is in danger. Well, the mama bear was nowhere to be found. My MIL thinks that maybe the mama bear has been killed by the hunters since there is a lot of that around here which I don't doubt at all.

But anyway, we are not gonna allow our boys to go outside by themselves. We used to just let them go outside to play, we thought it was safe but after the incident yesterday I guess it's not so safe after all!

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