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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Great Father's Day Celebration

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Yesterday's Father's Day celebration turned out to be great although early in the day, my husband had another episode of panic attack! It was really scary that time compared to the previous ones he had. I was so close of calling 911 but my husband didn't want me to do it. I prayed and prayed to GOD to make him feel better and GOD listened to my prayers as always for about about 30 minutes later, he started feeling better.

I really hate to see my husband having those panic attacks but sometimes it is inevitable when we have two kids in the house making so much noise and sometimes they are unstoppable, but I don't blame them one bit because they are just being a kid. That's what triggers it most of the time!

But anyhow, later in the day when my husband finally got some rest, we gave him the handmade card that I made, of course with the help of my boys (wink!) and the little present that I bought online which he really loved and appreciated so much! So even though it was just a very simple celebration, it turned out to be great!

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