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How the Chevrolet Brand Expands Across the Nations and Marketplace

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Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant founded Chevrolet. Louis Chevrolet was the Swiss race car driver and automotive engineer. William C. Durant was the founder of General Motors. The original founding date of Chevrolet is November 3, 1911. The current location for the Chevrolet company headquarters is in Detroit, Michigan. The majority of Chevrolet vehicles are manufactured in the United States. However, the Oceana model is primarily manufactured in Australia. These cars are also manufactured in a Korean General Motors plant. The vehicles from these plants are sold in Europe. Those who are looking for a Chevy equinox in Wheeling, IL, need to find a trusted dealer in the area.

International Trade

It is important to know that Chevrolet vehicles are sold in many countries. Nevertheless, there are still the top 10 locations in the world were Chevrolet is sold. The United States sells the most Chevrolets for obvious reasons. Brazil ranks second in Chevrolet vehicle sales. China ranks third in Chevrolet vehicle sales. The additional top 10 countries are Russia, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Uzbekistan, India, and Columbia. Russia has various GM and Chevrolet vehicles available for sale,while South America primarily sales modern and older models of General Motors vehicles. Chevrolet models such as the Opala were introduced to Brazilians in the 1960's. The country did not stop producing the model until the 1990's.

Chevrolet Goes Beyond Everyday Vehicles

The Chevrolet brand is not only limited to civilian drivers. Chevrolet also manufactures vehicles for race car drivers. Additionally, the company also manufactures automobile components such as engines. Many people would be interested to know that Chevrolet is also involved with watches. As of 2007, General Motors allowed a Swiss watch company to use Louis Chevrolet's brand name.

Domestic Dealerships

Those who are looking for a Chevy equinox Wheeling, IL, are encouraged to contact a dealership that has a positive reputation;a company that has survived many economic down slopes, as well as technological changes. Many American consumers prefer to purchase or lease domestic vehicles. Everyone is required to invest in the country to maintain the American brand and quality and buying American-made cars is a great way to start.

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