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How to Help Your Child Appreciate Dentists

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Many people are a little wary of the dentist. Children especially dislike a visit to the dental office. For them, it means strange lights and noises and a stranger digging in their teeth. Kids often feel this way because they don’t have a good understanding of what dentists are for. Yet if they understand the importance of oral health and why you would need www.VisaliaCADentists.com or other dental services, they will be more likely to embrace their next dental appointment. To teach your kids to appreciate dentists, try these tips and techniques.

Teaching about Dental Hygiene

Explain to your children what happens if you don’t go to the dentist or practice good oral hygiene. Tell them about how bacteria can build in their mouths and lead to cavities and other problems. Inform your kids that brushing and flossing their teeth will give them great smiles. Also explain how a dentist is their friend and can help them have healthier teeth.

Games and Activities

Now you can take what you’ve taught and let your kids practice these concepts. To encourage them to brush their teeth, set up a timer, hourglass, or song from an mp3 player. Each of these should last about 2 minutes—the designated amount of time it takes to brush one’s teeth. When the timer or the song ends, the kids can spit and rinse. Kids are bound to love this method since they love knick-knacks and music. Keep track of how often they brush and set up a chart to see that they are keeping up with their dental duties. Put a sticker on the days they do what they’re supposed to and let them tally up. When they get so many stickers, they get a treat. For dental visits, if they walk away cavity-free, don’t hesitate to reward them; it will give them something to look forward to when they sit in the dental chair. If your children are still afraid of the dentist, try a few role-playing games. Set up a chair in your living room and have the kids take turn playing dentist and patient. Last, borrow or invest in books, movies, and games that send positive messages about the dentist. Then you’ll be ready to take your children to a dental office or visit www.VisaliaCADentists.com.

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