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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

Saved By His Guardian Angel

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Yesterday morning, a scary little incident happened to my youngest son. He turned over a barstool on its side to use it as a car. I heard this loud noise suddenly as I was on my Ipod browsing the net. When I turned around too see what it was, my son had hit his head on the china cabinet glass. I really couldn't believe what I just saw! My son wasn't crying, he was just whining a little bit and was scratching his head and he looked kinda disoriented.

As I picked him up, I was very afraid to look at his head, I was expecting that he would have a big cut and blood would just start pouring out! But to my surprised, he didn't have a single scratch at all! I really believed that he was saved by his guardian ANGEL, thank GOD for that!

The china cabinet glass had big cracks on it and some pieces of broken glass was on the floor. To me, it was some kind of miracle that my son didn't have any cuts or even a single scratch on him at all. I can't thank GOD enough for it! I am truly grateful!!!

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