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Three Foods That Actually Brush Your Teeth

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Brushing your teeth twice a day is vital to having healthy teeth and gums, but there are some foods that you can eat in between brushing that can have a cleansing effect on your teeth. Your dentist in Little Rock will encourage eating foods that keep decay off of your teeth. Here are three super foods that will leave your teeth feeling clean.


Strawberries are a great food for your teeth. Not only do they have cleansing properties, but they also contain a tooth whitener as well. Eating strawberries as a snack will do a lot to help your teeth stay free of damaging decay.
When you eat strawberries for a snack, you should wait about 30 minutes before brushing or rising with water so that the full effect of the berry can take place. As a general rule, waiting for about 30 minutes after you eat before brushing can actually be better for your teeth than brushing right after a meal.


Cheese is also good for your teeth because it will counteract the acid in your mouth, bringing your mouth to its optimal pH. Cheese is a great nighttime snack because it does not contain acid like many fruits and vegetables do.In fact, the fat in cheese will actually protect your teeth from the acid that breaks down tooth enamel.
Cheese is also healthy for your body because it provides the bones with calcium, a nutrient known to strengthen bones like your teeth.
Finally, cheese stimulates the production of saliva so it will actually help free any food particles that may have stuck around. Overall, cheese is a great super food if you are looking to protect your teeth.

Crunchy Whole Foods

Foods that are crunchy like apples, celery, and carrots will actually help to clean your teeth. What happens is the rough edges of the food move over your teeth, removing any debris that may have been left. What you are left with is a clean mouth, and all you had to do was have a snack.

Eating foods that will keep your mouth healthy is important to good oral health. Focusing on whole foods will make your appointment with your dentist in Little Rock free of any problems.

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