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When to Shred Legal Documents with Trash Removal Services

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Though many people don’t realize it, trash removal services offer a variety of services. One of their most useful services is document shredding.

Because you likely don’t burn your trash anymore, document shredding is the most useful disposal method for important documents with personal information that can cause you harm in the wrong hands. The right service provider for trash removal in Indianapolis will give you strong, discrete peace of mind by shredding those documents.
Here are three examples of common documents and guidelines for when to shred them.
1. Bank Statements

Remember when BazLuhrmann told the class of 1997 to “keep old love letters; throw away old bank statements?” He was right, with one modification: you should shred them.

Bank statements are useful for a period of up to three years or so, so that you can document your payments for large items and balance your budget. However, after that, there is plenty of identifying information that would be better off shredded. The same is true of canceled checks.
If you have old bank statements or canceled checks, consider turning them over to a trash removal service for shredding. 

2. Investment Records

You need to keep your investment records in order to substantiate your tax returns. Similarly, documentation of purchases and sales must also be kept—generally for three years after you report the sales or investments on your tax return.
While you may find it helpful to keep these records in the future, there is usually no need. If those old documents are taking up space in your file cabinet, consider getting them shredded.
3. Tax Returns and Other Information

The Internal Revenue Service holds a three-year statute of limitation for your taxes. That means that the service has three years from the time you file your taxes to start an audit. Because of this statute of limitations, you should keep your tax returns for at least three years.

In general, you should try to keep copies of tax returns forever. However, you can throw out three-year-old documents. Because of the amount of personal information on those documents, consider getting them shredded.
Hiring Document Shredding Services

If you’ve already hired trash removal in Indianapolis, ask your provider if they do document shredding. If they don’t, check local listings and customer reviews online to locate a quality service provider.

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