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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

He's Having An Allergic Reaction

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My son's face has got some rashes right now. We are not really sure what it is but we are suspecting that it might be some kind of an allergic reaction to something. This is the very first time that it ever happened. I thought at first that it was a heat rash and Eczema, but it's not those two because when I went to my appointment earlier at the health department, I asked the nurse what it could be. She too could not determine what it is either, but she was sure it's neither of the two (heat rash or Eczema).

Anyway, she asked me if we gave him anything different and only thing that I could think of were the peanuts and chocolate covered peanuts. Then she asked me if he had peanut butter before, and I told her yes and he didn't any reaction to it, so it couldn't be the peanut. And he also had chocolate before and never had a reaction either. But she advised me to just give him allergy medicine and observe and look for patterns. If it's not getting any better or if it's getting worse that we should take him to his doctor!

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