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...a blog that talks about anything and everything!

I'm On The Hunt For A Cheap Tablet

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I was chatting with my younger sister a week ago and told her that I am planning on sending them another balik-bayan box some time next year. I told her to tell everybody to make a wish list and give it it to me and I will try to get what I could afford to get but I made sure to let them know that it's not guaranteed that I will be able to buy everything in their wish list. At least one would be okay, that way I would know that it is something that they asked for and will be using, not something that I picked out for them and just cram inside the box and hope that they would like it!

Anyhow, one of the things that my sister had mentioned was a tablet for all of them. I told her than I can only afford a generic one and she said that will be okay. They just want something to get on the internet since they don't have electricity their yet and not able to use the computer. So I agreed, I told her that I would look for a cheap one. So right now, I am on the hunt for a cheap tablet. When I say cheap, that doesn't mean that I want something that would just break right away. I mean, I want one that is cheap and affordable but at the same time, something that would actually last a while. 

That maybe sounds impossible to find but if you're patient enough to look around and compare from different online stores, you will surely find one! I already had found two different ones that looks promising. I always look at the reviews, they both have almost 5 star ratings and for less than a hundred bucks, that's actually a very good deal! But I am still looking around. I still have plenty of time to look and compare! ;)

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